High School & Junior High

EPIC Students

EPIC Wednesdays

Week One: E - Excitement

  February 5th    GRIT Training 6:30 PM

Week Three: P - Praise

    February 19th   Night Of Praise  7 PM

Week Two:  I - Intense

    February 12th    Gym Night  7 PM

Week Four:  C- Christ

    February 26th   Christ Centered  7 PM

           *Order Of Weeks Changed This Month

Student EVENTS

GRIT Obstetrical Training

Wednesday Night 6:30 PM

February 5th

Permission Slips Required

Widows Valentines

Deliver Flowers To Our Widows Of OWBC

February 14th

Friday 6:30 PM


February 5th Wednesday 6:30 PM

Permission Slips Required

Student Ministry Events

Oakland Woods Student Ministry Meets:

Sunday School:  

Sunday  9:30 AM

Small Group Study:

Wednesday 7:00 PM

Contact  Pastor Steve:  734-502-0535

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